We offer courses for using the Kunta3D tool

Viewer basics


In the training, the features of the Kunta3D city model are generally introduced, and at the end of the training, each participant can create their own user ID. The level of training is easy and does not require any prior knowledge from the participant. The estimated duration is about 60 minutes and the language of the training is Finnish or English.

Competence objectives

  • You will understand how the city model works and what tools are included in the overview of the city model.
  • You can search for city model information and change city model settings.
  • You log in to the city model with your own user ID.

Editing basics


The training delves into the tools of the Kunta3D city model and introduces the different user interfaces of the city model. During the training, each participant creates a project for themselves in the city model. The level of training is moderate and requires the participant to have prior knowledge of the characteristics of the 3D city model. Before participating in the training, it is recommended to participate in the Viewer basics training. The estimated duration of the training is three hours and the language of the training is Finnish or English.

Competence objectives

  • You know how to operate in Kunta3D environment and you know how the organizational structure of projects works.
  • You know how to create a project for yourself and manage it.
  • You know where to find editing tools and how to save project changes.
  • You understand what file formats can be uploaded to the city model and what the different file formats include.
  • You will understand how to place models in the correct location and coordinate system.
  • You know how to define access rights for a project and you know how to publish a project.

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